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Lake Oswego, Oregon
Angel Pets
Angel is a Chihuahua who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge when she was a tiny puppy. Her owner wished to have angel wings added to her painting, as well as to place her on a bridge, depicting a rainbow in the background, to symbolize her crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.
"Angel" - finished painting
"Angel" - reference photo
Timmy is a tuxedo cat, and truly an angel
"Timmy" - finished painting
"Timmy" - reference photo
Timmy was born with a crippling defect. He and his owner shared a special bond of love.  Karen Anderson, Animal Communicator, commissioned this painting as a gift to Timmy's owner. Karen helped in Timmy's passing by providing many readings with this cat. Karen requested a bright aura be painted around him to signify his special qualities.
Gray Cat with rainbow
"Big Dusty" - finished painting
"Big Dusty" - reference photo
Bettye rescues and looks after quite a few stray cats, paying for veterinary care out of her own funds and giving them the special attention they need as well as finding homes for them whenever possible. 

Big Dusty was a cat near and dear to her heart. When he crossed over due to complications from an injury, she requested that a very light rainbow be painted up in the upper left-hand corner of her painting.
Shown below are samples of portraits where a spiritual aspect has been added such as angel wings, rainbows, and soft yellow and cream highlights around a pet's head and shoulders.

I'm happy to incorporate some of these aspects into your pet portrait if you so desire. If you have your own creative vision along these lines, we can work together to bring them to life in your painting.