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How these insights came to be: 

I found myself filled with such joy that I could not sleep. At 1:30 in the morning the room seemed to fill with Light, but the Light came from my eyes, not from somewhere in the room. The air became like a screen and I saw the most beautiful white, gossamer shapes, flowing, changing and moving before me. It was as if there was a projection out of the third eye area of my forehead onto a screen that was before me and I was seeing what was inside of me. I lay mesmerized by the beautiful vision before me. I had made contact with my Spirit Guides in a visual way and we began conversing. They answered many questions about my family, friends and the direction of my new career. We weren't talking in the usual sense, it was more a telepathic communication. Everything they told me, I felt the meaning of their words throughout my whole being. My heart chakra opened very wide and Light seemed to be pouring into me. 
I told my Guides I wanted to write all this information down they were sharing with me. In answer, they explained I would remember it all. After 45 minutes of sharing my questions and their answers, I sat up in bed and wrote out all they had told me. 
Two weeks later I was missing the feeling of the presence of Love that came with their sharing. I was overjoyed to find that I could meditate and in the silence again receive answers to the many questions I had about our divine nature, the nature of thought and creation. 
Through Love's teachings, I now know that we are one with the Spirit of Love and that we are always divinely guided every moment of our lives. I have learned so much and I am so grateful for the information I received that I wish to bring it to alwho would benefit as I have from this guidance. It is an offering of love, a time of peaceful sharing on the journey we call life. 



        After meditating and becoming quiet, the words from my Angel Guides sprang forth on the subject of freedom:
        "In order for Truth to be Truth, it must be shared - for God can only be as Himself in all ways - and God must always give to thus be Himself. And yes, the liberty bell has already begun to sound. Each time you say 'I love you' to another, be it the tiniest ant, you are saying 'I know you.' And the power you have wrought by this one blessing is immense. It stretches and encircles and enlivens all of creation from the bottom of the sea and the creatures that swim and dive and fight for life among the reeds, to the highest point on the top of the highest peak - the flowers there and snails and slugs and the tiniest microbe that lives in the cold and the ice of the farthest song of life benefits from your blessing thus. This you do not know - this you cannot hear and this you have yet to discover, but the liberty bell is sounding. 
        "And each time you choose to love, in whatever language it matters not, and each time you make a receptacle in mind for God to be God in you, as you, and take His hand in all you do - the heavens whisper of your greatness and the clouds roam free once again for the liberty bell is again allowed to make a joyful noise of freedom.
        "One thing is true to many - the power in you is what we speak of and the Infinite sees the rays of sunburst Love within and smiles at our sharing. And be assured and rest assured, there is no power but this - the song of freedom and the mighty lilting song of peace have their home in Him - where you call His name, you shine brighter than the sun can shine - when you take the hand of another who cries in shame and show him in the mirror of your smile who He really came to be, you heal the heart that thinks itself in pain, and when you lift your eyes to speak of peace, you calm the mighty storms at sea - you are Love - you are free. 
     "Most, if not all of the ills of this world in which you live would simply disappear if you all could sit quietly and ask yourselves, 'What do I really want to do today? How do I want to spend my time and who with, doing what? In what way?' And when all the givingness of the world comes from each of your hearts, not from fear's teaching, only God's plethora of good can circle back again.  
        "Yes, the earth is round and circle after circle of good is meant to flow there. And when we tell you, give from your heart and you will there receive every good thing, we mean give from a space where the heart is free to give, not entrenched in fear's vice-like grip - for then the giving is borne of greed, and only greed can bring on lack. If you wish us to explain this further, we will, but the very word of greed says it all we feel. It says, 'I must have, so I must give.' Greed says, 'There is never enough, so I must horde and keep my storehouse full lest there be a pestilence' - and lo, the thought of pestilence will call to himself who holds this thought the rats, the mice to eat the grain and the sickly plant which cannot grow to its full-bodied strength to feed the masses - Do you see the circle there? 
        "For everything, my dear, must circle to and fro. As you push your son upon the swing, he must return in kind for yet another push and then another. 'Higher and higher,' he shouts, 'I must go even higher' and yet another push and then another until he feels himself a'flyin' - this is patience borne of Love which stands with him to let him know he is loved and patience borne of the heart will return in kind to bless the giver. And to give of time, to give of self in so effortless a space that the giver hardly knows herself to give as you did when bringing the neighbors' trash can in from the wind, lest it be lost in yesterday's storm, a neighbor who you do not know, but one you care about enough to stop, to share your heart, your time, your self, this one act is of what we speak when we say, 'to give is yet another word for what will circle back to you.'  
        "Your heart will always tell you, guide you, lead you in the effortless space of what it means to be you and to be true to your heart is to walk the path of miracles.   
       "God fashions from His mighty hands the soft and gently-singing sparrow and from the mighty storm at sea a tiny crab is washed ashore to build his tiny home among the watery rocks, and in the gale the sand blows free to lift the hearts of those that lay ensconced in stone - for in the givingness of God lies the very soul of freedom - and where the grace of God lies dormant in the pebble on the beach that says 'I cannot give - for I will lose,' - there is only more of Himself that he can't see - and his thoughts of loss are only borne of fear. And all his brothers cry to him - we are pebbles free, come join and give and be yourself, we only roll and laugh upon the waves. It is only you who cannot give that hides his face in shame, but we are waiting for your sweet breath to caress the morning dew - we cannot come where there is greed - we will wait for one who calls His name, for only then can you remember, the one who sings is you." 

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