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2321 Wembley Park Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Pets and People
Brekka and Chris - dog and baby together in a painting
Joey walking with his Beagles without a leash
I love the expression on Brekka's face as she's watching over Chris. The two are fast friends and Brekka continues to be his faithful companion to this day.
"Brekka and Chris"
"Joey and the Beagles"
Joey's father, Ken, commissioned this painting. Joey has the leash draped over his shoulder. Ken loves the way this painting illustrates the fact that Beagles can keep from wandering when they feel the love and devotion of their family close by.
Emma and her horse Major
Emma and her pony, Chipper, at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club
David on his Palimino horse Augustus
More examples of horses with their riders on the main Portrait Page.

Emma and her pony Chipper at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club
David and his Palomino horse Augustus vacationing at his cabin on the lake.
Emma and her horse Major. This painting was a high school graduation present from Emma's Mom.
Horses and Owners
Portrait painting of a happy child named Brooke
Portrait Painting closeup of Brooke
Brooke in the finished painting
Brooke in the reference photo
In the painting of Brooke shown above, the background was changed to a fall collage of green grass, orange leaves and a big, bright orange pumpkin. The side of Brooke's face reflects the orange of the pumpkin and it is also carried through in her pink sweater. The green of the grass is also reflected in her skin and clothing. 
In the painting of Brooke shown to the left, a close-up was chosen to be placed on a square canvas. The background of the original reference photo was removed, and a simpler, colorful background was added. 
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