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Season of Suppers Meals on Wheels campaign
Original painting of porch in Lake Oswego
This painting of a festive porch in Lake Oswego, Oregon was extremely fun to work on, with all the whimsy, flower pots, textures and patterns.

Look closely, and you'll see a sleeping cat who loves to lounge in the whicker chair. 

"Happy Everything" 24"x30" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Given as a gift to the lovely woman who loves
 to decorate her porch for every season!
With the bright sun making interesting patterns of shadows and the play of warm and cool colors among the shrubs and flowers, this stunning view from the porch of a Sonoma, California winery springs to life.

"Meet Me In Sonoma" - 24"x30" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  $1200 including frame
"Vibrant Tranquility" - 24"x36" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  $1200 (includes frame)
"One More Ride" - 22"x30" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  $900 (includes frame)
Original painting of Buddha in the garden
Original painting of winery at Sonoma California
Everyone loves to ride the carousel
When my son was very young, he would ask to ride the Carousel "one more time." We would go round and round until I was so dizzy, I would beg to be let off. 

Of course he would have loved to continue riding all day long.

This painting commemorates those lovely Sunday afternoons at the mall riding the carousel horses, listening to the music and enjoying our time together.
The overall feeling of this intimate garden is one of peaceful calm, inspiring us to take a refreshing moment to ourselves.
"Season of Suppers" - 22"x28" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  (commission for the Banfield Hospitals)
This painting was commissioned by The Banfield Hospitals for their Meals on Wheels campaign to carry pet food along with people food to the elderly.

With an overall whimsical feel, this Beagle and Black Cat are sharing a meal on a cold winter's evening.

Greeting Cards of this image available
 at $3.50 each plus shipping.
Greeting Cards of this image available
 at $3.50 each plus shipping.
Greeting Cards of this image available
 at $3.50 each plus shipping.
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2321Wembley Park Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon
This painting has been donated to Project Pooch of Lake Oswego, Oregon for their 2010 fundraiser