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What customers are saying about their portraits:

"I'll always treasure your beautiful portrait  :)"  ~ Farmville, Virginia  
"I love it!   *Great* expression, wonderful use of color! You can  spray, & send it right out  :) 
Thank you so much!"  ~ Durham, North Carolina   

"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have tears in my eyes!  It is absolutely  GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!  I am SO thrilled!!! Wow!!! I am still in awe of it!   It really is truly fantastic!  I am beaming!"  ~ Alberta, Canada  

"It's just beautiful, I don't know what else to say. I love it! I know my son will love it too! Now I will have to get one done of my cat!"   ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico   

"This is beautiful!  Absolutely perfect.  You are so fortunate to have this talent!"  ~ Jetersville, Virginia

"Oh Connie - I'm so choked up!  I never dreamed that the portrait would be so beautiful. They say that true artists infuse their creation with a bit of their soul.  I can see your golden spirit shining through in this portrait. I'm at a loss for words that will do it justice."  Deedee ~ Los Angeles, California 
"CONNIE, IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  It looks so much like them, but better!  You are a treasure AND a fabulous artist.   You have a wonderful eye.  I'm running out of adjectives  to tell you how much I love the painting."  ~ Tucson, Arizona 

"Thanks again for the awesome portrait, it really captures the true essence of our dogs. It is something we will treasure for the rest of our days here on earth."  Alicia and Paul ~ Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Thanks to your Portrait of Love, my angel Dickens will be in my heart forever. I can see his beautiful face and know he is at peace . . . .Thank you so much! Chris ~ Portland, Oregon

"I have never had a portrait done of any of my animals (although I've dreamed of it). Thank you so much for making this dream come true! I will cherish this for the rest of my life! I just cannot get over how beautiful it is. Connie you are so very talented. You really captured his personality!  My mom started to cry when she saw it, too. " Kim ~ Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Connie, it looks great. You do such a good job with her face, it makes me tear up when I see it  I sent a copy to my son on deployment for his approval. He said it looks great, that's our girl. so he likes it. Go ahead and send it out . Thanks." Steve ~ Longview, Washington

The most unique dog lover gift, cat lover gift or horse lover gift 
is a stunning animal custom pet portrait from photos by
 Professional Pet Portrait Artist Connie Bowen; Lake Oswego, Oregon. 
Lake Oswego is a suburb of Portland, Oregon. 

Connie appeared twice in 2005 on Oregon Public Broadcasting's TV show
 Art Beat and has completed over 400 pet portraits and counting!

For a treasured pet memorial or for those grieving the loss of a pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, commission a dog portrait, cat portrait, horse portrait or other custom pet portrait painted from your photo on canvas.

Connie can work from digital images or other photos. 
If you live in the Portland area, and you would like Connie 
to take the photo for you, make an appointment today!

I accept the following payments:

Paypal, Money Orders, 
Certified checks, personal checks. 

 Please mail checks to: 

Connie Bowen
2321 Wembley Park Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon  97034

Phone: 503-697-0614
Questions? Comments?
 Please feel free to send me an e-mail. 

E-mail:  cbowen @
 ( just remove the spaces before and after the @ sign)

Thank you for your interest in a precious custom portrait!
Thank you to all my ebay friends who have purchased my original paintings and prints.
I have a 100% positive feedback rating. 
Click my  about me  page to read my feedbacks.

 Frequently asked questions:

How does the portrait process begin? 
After you decide on the size of your painting, I will need a photo to 
work from - either a digital photo that I will take, or a photo that you 
can e-mail to me or mail to me at the address below. If your photo is not clear enough to paint from, I may need to request additional photos be sent. 

Are there any tips to taking a good photo for a portrait? 
Yes. Try to be on the same level as the animal, instead of looking down 
over his head.  If you're in the Portland area, I'd be happy to take the photos for you at no extra charge. 

May I have additional pet subjects in my portrait? 
Certainly. There is a 20% extra charge for each additional animal. 
See below for prices.

If I mail an original photo to you, will it be returned? 
Yes, your photo will be returned with your portrait. 

How and when is payment made? 
Payment in full for the cost of the portrait is required to start the painting.  I will hold your check, cash or Paypal payment until your portrait is approved by you. Only after your portrait is approved, will your payment be deposited into my account. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. A .jpg of the portrait will be sent to you via e-mail for your approval. If for any reason you do not like the finished product, there is no obligation. 

What materials are used? 
The portraits are painted with acrylic paint on a gallery wrapped 
canvas (with no staples on the sides) and sprayed with a gloss coating 
to enhance the colors and protect the finish. There is a wire hanger 
attached to the back so there is no need for a frame. 

How long will it take for my portrait to be completed? 
The time needed to complete your portrait depends on the number of 
portraits currently in process. It will be discussed with you at the time 
you place your order. If there is a specific time frame needed, let me 
know, such as a birthday or other special occasion and I will try to 
accommodate you. 

How is my portrait sent to me? 
If you live in the Portland area, you may pick up your portrait. If you are 
outside the area, your portrait will be shipped insured via Priority 
USPS with a tracking number or shipped via UPS if you prefer. Shipping 
charges will be added to your portrait cost based on the size of your 

May I order a larger painting than 18x24? 
Yes. Larger sizes are available as well as 12x12, 22x28, 24x30, 30x40 and 36x48. (see below for prices)

Frequently Asked Questions
Prices and Ordering
Samples of Dogs
Samples of Cats
Samples of Horses
Featured portraits from Prior Weeks
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Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Daisy, a beautiful classic brown tabby cat. Tabby cats love to lounge with their families!
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of black cat Nick who was a stray black cat who has been given a new life! I love the shine in black cats' fur!
More samples
More samples on
the next page
More samples
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Jeanie, a black and white cat who lives in Canada
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Shirin, a mostly black calico cat, on a bed of flowers
Click any cat image to enlarge the sample
Click any dog painting image to enlarge the sample 
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Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of TT, a black cat. His name stands for "Tiny Terror". Black kittens are very fun to paint!
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Dahltrey and Jonah, two tabby cats peering out their apt. window. Cats love to sit by the window!
Artist Of The Month for November 2003
Chosen ARTIST OF THE MONTH for November 2003

Price List:

8" X 10" canvas  -  $200 (recommended for head study only)   
                                    ( 20% extra for an additional animal = $240)
 PLUS $15 shipping and handling
(includes Priority Mail, insured, delivery confirmation)

11" X 14" canvas - $300
                                    ( 20% extra for an additional animal = $360 )
PLUS $20 shipping and handling
(includes Priority Mail, insured, delivery confirmation)

16" X 20" canvas - $450
     ( 20% extra for an additional animal = $540 )
PLUS $35 shipping and handling
(includes Priority Mail, insured, delivery confirmation)

18" X 24" canvas - $600
                                     ( 20% extra for an additional animal = $720 )
PLUS $45 shipping and handling
(includes Priority Mail, insured, delivery confirmation)

                     Larger sizes available as well as square canvases.

Size 12x12 = $300
Size 22x28 = $850
Size 24x30 = $1,000
Size 30x40 = $1700
Size 36x48 = $2400

   (International buyers, please e-mail me for shipping rates)

This is a 30x40 painting of Reggie and Megan at home in their garden.
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Becks, a champion Beagle from Canada. Beagles can outsmart any fox!
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of Topaz, a beautiful Palomino pony. Palomino horses have the most beautiful, blonde manes!
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Kitty, a much adored orange and white cat. Orange and white cats are so fluffy!
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Whisk and Sherlock, a grey tabby and an orange tabby who are best friends
Click any horse image to enlarge the sample 
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of Maggie riding Zachariah at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club horse trials. The chestnut gelding Zachariah was a joy to behold!
This painting is 36" x 48". The background is the Lake Oswego Hunt Club. It commemorates the Horse Trials in August of 2004.
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of a close-up of green cat eyes for this orange long-haired tabby
This portrait is a wonderful tribute to Kristin, an expert rider, and her horse, Curly. They have won many awards in their drill team competitions.  They make such a stunning duo!
BP shown below is a Paint horse that lives on a beautiful ranch in Southern Oregon
This FEATURED PORTRAIT is of Zelda shown below.  

Click to enlarge image of the painting.
This dog portrait is of Harley and Jesse, my own dogs, on a 16x20 inch canvas.
Click on the image to enlarge.
Custom dog portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Reggie and Megan, a golden retriever and mixed breed dog, at home in their garden. These dogs loved to romp in their own grassy field.
Click on the podcast link to hear my interview on Episode 24, from the UK.
These are my two Australian shepherd dogs. They are the most wonderful dogs, and I love them dearly! Dog Painting by Connie Bowen
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Tucker and Benji - a sweet Westie (West Highland Terrier) with his new charge
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Claire and Macaroon, two adorable Pug puppies. These fawn pugs are puglicious!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Robbie, a handsome West Highland Terrier. Westies in spring, what could be sweeter?!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Marcy, a sweet Corgi gal. Pembroke Corgis are fanciful and fun!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Clarence and Henry, a beautiful Golden Retriever and sweet Golden Retriever puppy
Dog painting by Connie Bowen of Bug, a fabulous, award-winning Manchester Terrier. Manchester terrier dogs are so sleek and athletic!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Clyde and Babe, two very sweet black labrador retrievers who love to go along, too! Black labs shine!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Gracie, a stunning English Springer Spaniel. English Springer Spaniels are so regal!
Dog painting by Connie Bowen of Gabby, an adorable  Brussels Griffon puppy. Brussels Griffon dogs have so much energy! Zip!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Junior, an adorable Lhaso Apso bundle of love.  Lhaso Apsos are so sweet and cuddly!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Jordy, a handsome Sheltie. Shelties have so much energy!
Dog Painting by Connie Bowen of Gracie, a Westie who loves to be comfy! West Highland terriers have such dark, lovely eyes!
Pet Portraits of Love by Connie Bowen. Dog paintings, horse paintings, cat paintings from photos. Custom dog portraits, custom cat portraits, custom horse portraits by artist Connie Bowen
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of Kerryl and her horse Harmony. This horse portrait features a fall background
May I have a person in the portrait along with the animal?

Yes, you may, if the reference photo is  clear enough for me to work from. 

The added cost to include a person is 50% of the original portrait price due to the extra time and complexity involved.

22"x30" painting with fall background. 
Click to enlarge image.
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Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Jaxy, a beautiful Calico cat. Calico cats are one of my favorites! They have such interesting markings.
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Archie, a handsome orange tabby cat. Orange tabby cats have such unique personalities!
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of Celeste who is a tabby cat living in Brazil. I love her golden eyes.
Custom cat portrait painting by Connie Bowen of a Siamese cat named Lucky. He is a help in the kitchen. Siamese cats love to state their opinions on everything!
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of Kristin and Curly, a drill team horse portrait
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of Tinkerbell and Pixidust, small horses. Small horses are even used for therapy work!
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of an athletic chestnut colored gelding at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club.
Equine horse painting by Connie Bowen of BP who lives on a ranch in Southern Oregon. He is a paint horse. Paint horses have exquisite markings!
When I first saw a photo of the famous bulldog, Zelda, I just knew I had to paint her portrait! 

Carol Gardner is Zelda's guardian and runs the ZeldaWisdom website. She has turned photos of Zelda's expressive face and sweet personality into a line of greeting cards, calendars, books and other gift items. 

If you'd like to receive Zelda's happy "daily dogmas," in your e-mail box, just go to Zelda's website and sign up! 

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Carol for sharing Zelda's uplifting, inspiring words with all of us. 
Miss Zelda Wisdom - 16x20 - gift to Carol Gardner

Dog painting by Connie Bowen of the bulldog Zelda Wisdom in her angel wings outfit
Afghan Hound 
Airedale Terrier 
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs 
Alaskan Malamute 
American Bandogges 
American Bulldog 
American Eskimo 
American Hairless Terrier 
American Pit Bull Terrier 
American Staffordshire Terrier 
American Water Spaniel 
Anatolian Shepherd 
Australian Cattle Dog 
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Azores Cattle Dog 

Basset Fauve De Bretagne 
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
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Chesapeake Bay Retriever 
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Chinese Imperial Dog 
Chinese Shar-Pei 
Chow Chow 
Cimarron Uruguayo 
Clumber Spaniel 
Cocker Spaniel 
Corgi - Cardigan Welsh 
Corgi - Pembroke Welsh 
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Doberman Pinscher 
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English Bulldog 
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Field Spaniel 
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Irish Red & White Setter 
Irish Setter 
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Irish Wolfhound 
Italian Greyhound 

Jack Russell Terrier 
Japanese Bobtail 
Japanese Chin 

Kangal Dog 
Karelian Bear Dog 
Kerry Blue Terrier 
King Shepherds 

Labrador Retriever 
Lakeland Terrier 
Landseer ECT 
Lhasa Apso 
Llewellin Setter 
Louisiana Catahoulas 

Manchester Terrier 
Maremma Sheepdog 
Mastino Napolitano 
Middle Asian Ovcharka 
Miniature Australian Shepherd 
Miniature Bull Terrier 
Miniature Bulldog 
Miniature Fox Terrier 
Miniature Pinscher 
Miniature Schnauzer 
Miniature Shar-Pei 
Munsterlander (Small) 

Neapolitan Mastiff 
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Old English Sheepdog 
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Parson Russell Terrier 
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Petit Brabancon 
Pharaoh Hound 
Podengo Small Portuguese 
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Poodle (Miniature) 
Poodle (Standard) 
Poodle (Toy) 
Portuguese Pointers 
Portuguese Water Dog 
Presa Canario 
Pyrenean Mastiff 

Rat Terrier 
Rhodesian Ridgeback 
Russell Terrier 

Saint Bernard 
Scottish Deerhound 
Scottish Terrier 
Shetland Sheepdog 
Shiba Inu 
Shih Tzu 
Shih Tzu-Poo 
Shiloh Shepherd 
Siberian Husky 
Silky Terrier 
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 
Spanish Alano 
Spanish Water Dog 
Spinone Italiano 
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 
Standard Schnauzer 
Swedish Vallhund 

Tamaskan Dog 
Tenterfield Terrier 
Thai Ridgeback Dog 
Tibetan Mastiff 
Tibetan Spaniel 
Tibetan Terrier 
Tosa Inu 
Toy Australian Shepherd 
Toy Fox Terrier 


Victorian Bulldogge 
Volpino Italiano 

Welsh Terrier 
West Highland Terrier 
West Highland White Terriers 
White Swiss Shepherd Dog 
Wire Fox Terrier 
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 

Yorkshire Terrier 

American Bobtail 
American Curl 
American Miniature 
American Polydactal 
American Shorthair 
American Wirehair 
Appalachian Cat 
Arusha Cat 
Australian Mist 
Australian Tiffanies 

British Shorthair 

Colorpoint Shorthair 
Cornish Rex 

Desert Lynx 
Devon Rex 

Egyptian Mau 
European Burmese 
Exotic Shorthair 


German Rex 

Havana Brown 
Highland Lynx 

Japanese Bobtail 
Jungle Curl 

Kurilian Bobtail 


Maine Coon 

Norwegian Forest Cat 

Oriental Longhair 
Oriental Shorthair 


Russian Blue 

Scottish Fold 
Selkirk Rex 
Siberian Cat 

Thai Cats 
Thai Lilac 
Traditional Siamese 
Turkish Angora 
Turkish Van 

White Turkish Van 

I've painted quite a few of the following breeds of dogs and cats shown below:
Dog Breeds:
Cat Breeds:
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Dog Painting of Anna and Flash, two gorgeous Great Danes

Thank you for your interest in a pet portrait. As of September 2020, I am fully booked for the rest of this year.