I began drawing at an early age and majored in art 
at Washington State University. I then completed training and 
worked for 23 years as a freelance court reporter. 
Since retiring from court reporting in 1997, I have devoted full time
 to the loves of my life: my dear family, my art and the expression of Truth. 

My publishing clients include 
Unity Books, Random House and New World Library. 
The creative process for me involves meditation and
 connecting with my higher guidance. I can feel which direction my next project will take. I don't pursue a direction unless it feels fun and exciting to me to work on. If I start something and then I feel an urge to let it go and work on something else, I'll put it away and consider it finished for now. This works out really well for me. I follow my guidance and stay in tune with myself. It's true for me that I'm only guided one step at a time and by staying in tune with myself, I stay in tune with the Divine.

In the words of my higher guidance, "All days are meant for joy and laughter. Follow your creative whims - they lead you not astray - for as you follow, you will be led - to still more of the truest bounty - the richest being Love."
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Here I am at the Oregon Coast in Neskowin where we travel every year for a vacation. This is Jesse, my Australian shepherd. 

I love to paint at the Coast. The light is so bright and pure. I always take a portrait along with me to work on.

My trips to the Neskowin have spanned three decades.
E-mail:  cbowen @ europa.com 
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2321 Wembley Park Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon