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Portrait Images ~ Blank Greeting Cards

These blank dog greeting cards and cat greeting cards are blank5x7 in size with white linen envelopes

Below are 40 dog portrait images and 48 cat portrait images to choose from.  

MoMoe is such a handsome pug
Claire and Macaroon, the cutest pug puppies
Sammy is a white toy poodle
Robbie, a Westie in Spring!
Charlie is an orange tabby from Australia
Emerald green cat eyes of an orange tabby cat
Tigger is a grey tabby cat
101 - MoMoe
102 - Claire & Macaroon
103 - Sophie
114 - Sammy
105 - Robbie
201 - Charlie 
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202 - Emerald Eyes order thru cafepress
203 - Tigger 
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Dog Greeting Cards
Cat Greeting Cards

A Westie with roses, Bayley is beautiful
104 - Bayley
Aussie puppy Cowgirl is adorable in her field of daisies
106 - Cowgirl
German shepherd Angie is so intelligent and sweet
107 -Angie
This sweet Chocolate Labrador wants to go for a ride, too!
108 - Talousse
These frisky Yorkshire Terriers love to relax at home
Sonic is a Yellow Labrador who loves to spend time in his cabin in the woods
Tanner is a Rottweiler puppy who lives on a horse ranch
109 - Polo and Tiffany
110 - Sonic
111 - Tanner
Misty and Topper are much-loved Shelties
Sassy is a happy and exquisite Pomeranian
Jake is a Dalmation, resting on his comfy bedspread
112 - Misty and Topper
113 - Sassy
115 - Jake
Bo is a Yellow Labrador who loves the snow!
Katy is a Schipperke who loves her toys!
Becks is a champion Beagle! I love his deep, brown eyes!
This King Charles Spaniel puppy is asleep in his soft puppy carrier. The dog show was just too much for him!
Marcy is such a happy Pembroke Corgi. She goes to lots of dog shows!
116 - Bo
117 - Katy
118 - Becks
119 - King Charles Spaniel
120 - Scout
121 - MarchP
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Gracie is a Springer Spaniel who loves to lounge in her beautiful garden.
Gracie is a Westie who loves to travel to and from her home in the gorge for wind surfing on the Columbia River
Marco is a beautiful Golden Retriever. He always takes his ball on his morning and evening walks.
Lucy is a stunning blonde Golden Retriever. She is as sweet as she can be.
Chauncy is a Schnauzer who lives with a Boxer. They love to play.
122 - Gracie Springer Spaniel
123 - Gracie face, a Westie
124 - Marco
125 - Lucy
126 - Chauncy
Oh, those beautiful CATS!
Tigger and Oliver are tabbies who love to cuddle together.
204 - Tigger & Oliver order thru cafepress
These cats keep each other company all day long
Julie is a long haired tabby cat who lives back East
Beamer is an orange and white tabby cat. Doesn't he look regal lying there on his couch?
Simba is a white and grey tabby cat who loves to lounge in the warm sun on the windowsill.
205 - Monkey & Booger
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206 - Julie
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207 - Beamer
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208 - Simba
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TT is a black kitten, who is quite rambunctious
AJ is a tabby cat with long, white fur.
Whisk and Sherlock are lounging on top of the couch together
Tillie is a black and white tuxedo cat who loves to be draped in her mom's scarves
Lucky Blue lives with several cats so he has lots of company!
209 - TT
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210 - AJ
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211 - Whisk & Sherlock
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212 - Tillie
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213 - Lucky Blue
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Sophie is a black and tan Dachshund that plays all day in her garden with her long haired Dachshund friend, Stella
This whimsical Lavender Cat can brighten your day!
301 - The Lavender Cat
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2321 Wembley Park Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Brown Tabby Cat with mottled background
Long-haired brown tabby cat close-up with green eyes
Veludo - Gray tabby cat long-haired with green eyes close-up
214 - Rainier
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215 - Peludo
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216 - Veludo
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Magic - Siamese cat blue eyes close-up
217 - Magic
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Forfura sweet tabby and white kitten with blue eyes
Domino - Tuxedo cat with golden eyes laying on the green grass looking up at the sky
Sabrina - long-haired white cat with brown markings and blue eyes with white dogwood in background
Jamar - gray tabby kitten with painted rocks in background
218 - Forfura
219 - Domino
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220 - Sabrina
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221- Jamar
Socks - Tuxedo kitten with daisies and red, pink and orange pillows
Sammy - orange cat with sunset and orange flowers
Mackenzie - Gray Tabby kitten and Vivian - black and white kitten - two barn cats in a field of flowers
Brock - black cat with golden eyes next to a fish platter
222- Socks
223- SammySunset
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224- MacKenzie 
and Vivian
225- Brock 
Lucy- Gray cat with whimsical doll and red roses
Brock - Black kitty in cup "Home is where the cats are"
Caju - orange tabby kitten "Cuddly Cats Live Here - Welcome"
Sydney and Aprilee- Calico Cats - Kitty Love
Rambo - gray kitten with blue toy
226- Lucy & Doll
227 - Brock Cup
"Home is Where the Cats Are! "
228 - Caju 
"Cuddly Cats Live Here - Welcome"
229 - Sydney and Aprilee -
 "Kitty Love"
230 - Rambo
Lucy - a black and white Shih Tsu
Cassie and Synder - two black lab puppies on a blue couch
Puglet is a pug puppy with a cowboy hat on
Clarence and Henry are two Golden Retrievers. Henry is a puppy here, but he's now grown to be bigger than Henry!
127 - Lucy - Shih Tsu
128 - Cassie and Synder
129 - Puglet
130 - Clarence and Henry
Maisie is a Yorkshire Terrier puppy
Sophie is a St. Bernard puppy
131 - Maisie
132 - Sophie - St. Bernard
Beau is a black standard poodle sitting in his garden in Portland, Oregon
Abbey is a Westie sitting among the sunflowers in her lavender jacket
Yoshi is a Westie looking out the window waiting and watching
Yoshi is a Westie leaning on a bowl of waxed fruit, tuckered out after her playtime
Luke is a tan Dachshund puppy with his favorite bear resting before bedtime
Little Buddha and Gracie are two Doxies cuddled up together. Little Buddha is a Dachshund puppy
Cassey is a tan Dachshund with sunglasses on ready for her sailboat ride in Texas
135 - Yoshi Window
136 - Yoshi Fruit
137 - Luke
138 - Gracie and Little Buddha
139 - Cassey
133 - Beau
134 - Abbey
231 - Celeste 
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Tabby and White Cat with golden eyes - what a glorious kitty
My black cat, Brock, in a close-up. I love his eyes! He's such a sweetie, too!
Here's my black cat, Brock, in his bed that I fancied up. Under the golden cat, it says "Love Potion No. 9" - how sweet!
Tabby and white cat, Victoria Little, in the garden
Here's Vic and Aurora in their sunny window. Cats do love sunshine!
Beautiful white pony, white horse gallooping through the night
232 - Brock Closeup
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233 - Kitty Love Potion No. 9
234 - Victoria Little
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235 - Vic and Aurora
303 - Willow
Whimsical carousel horse - very festive
302 - Carousel Horse
Whimsical Designs
Molly, the adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel
140 - Molly
Maya - a beautiful calico cat with luscious green eyes
236 - Maya
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Adorable grey and white Persian cat greeting card
237 - Winky
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Tuxedo Cat with alluring golden eyes
Two sweet Maine Coon brothers cuddling for a nap
Sweet tabby cat brothers who love to be close to one another
Two tabby cat brothers who love to snuggle
238 - Mr. Boots
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239 - Jovan & Jarred
240 - Johnny & Davey
241 - Brolo & Keith
Tabby cat close-up with acqua eyes and roses
Little tabby kitten cuddled in his blanket with kitty designs all around
Stunning calico cat on orange tiles on patio with blue cushions
Siamese cross cat among the flower pots ready for a party
Calico cat mother and daughter who love to stay close
Green-eyed beauty of a tabby with sparkling disposition
Black kitten munching on a brown paper box filled with brightly colored yarn
242 - Piglet
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243 - Toji
244 - Jaxy
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245 - Francesca
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246 - Maya & Kuan Yin
247 - Flor
248 - Sylvie
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