How Connie Bowen's I Believe In Me began:

When my son, Matthew, turned one year old, I began looking for a book for him to remind him of his inner greatness and the power within him to achieve his highest potential. I began to feel the book I was looking for had not yet been created.

 I worked all that summer illustrating affirmations and collected them into a book for Matt with drawings that would appeal to a very young child. I was guided to send my manuscript to Unity Books, a fabulous spiritual publisher, and 14 months later my manuscript was approved and published! 

I have since retired from my career as a court reporter and devote full-time to my artwork and the study of metaphysics..
"I am safe" 
This drawing and affirmation came about one morning when I was getting ready for work. I looked down at my infant son sleeping peacefully and felt sad that I would be taking him to daycare for a few hours. I announced to myself "I wish I could put you in a bubble of love!" 

"I am one with all life"
I included this drawing and affirmation in the book because I feel we're all a part of Nature. This affirmation can be the beginning of a discussion with children about the importance of cherishing the animal kingdom and our environment.

"I am loving"
Every child needs to understand their true nature is one of loving kindness. I was up very late working on this drawing into the wee hours of the morning. I had wanted to put drapes around the top of the illustration and started to carefully draw them in. I was so tired, I ended up just putting shapes instead and coloring them in with bright colors! The overall effect turned out to be very interesting ~ someone was definitely watching over me in the creation of this book!
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