It all started with a dream I had. There was a person in the dream whose face was turned toward a bright light. There were angels encircling the person. When I awoke, I told my husband I would like to try to draw the image from my dream. That was how this whole series of drawings came to be. The focus of this book is to help us realize the power of our choices. One of the affirmations is "Fear holds an empty promise. I choose Love." When I asked in meditation what an empty promise is, my guidance told me "a promise unfilled." Another page in the book is "My heart is open to Love." I couldn't seem to get this drawing just right. When I prayed about it, the answer came to me that I was afraid to open my heart to Love. When I made my peace with myself, the drawing seemed to finish itself!
Sample pages:
"I have awakened"
Originally the affirmation for this illustration read, "I am awakening." During meditation, I heard from my higher guidance that the affirmation needed to change. My guides explained that "God could not and would not set before you an arduous journey that you must undertake to being you. This your God would not and could not do. Only believe you have found your own sweet nature and let this belief fill the seeming emptiness and longing. Let this belief free to enevelop you and guide you. It is only in belief held long and unquestioning can such a journey be."
"I am the glorious gift of God."
I was sitting at my blank drawing pad wondering what kind of an illustration to use for this affirmation. I began to draw an abstract of a woman's figure when the phone rang. I ran to tell my husband he had a call. When I returned to my desk, one of my hairs had fallen in the shape of a long flowing ribbon across the sketch I had made of the woman. Immediately it came to me ~ I would place trumpets and ribbons in the drawing as we are truly the glorious gift of God.
"My joy lifts the hearts of others."
I love to be in the presence of others who are following their dreams and living the life they were meant to live. Just being in close proximity to them lifts up my spirits. These people seem to be filled with a boundless sense of energy. And as my Guides explained to me one morning, "What you do in the name of Love will take no energy on your part. For what you do in the name and through the power of Love can only lift you up and deplete you not ~ instead to fill your heart with Love and faith and healing. The sensation of Infinite Oneness can only bring with it the sense of knowing your God and will fill you to overflowing with peace and Love and beauty. You will look on the divine countenance in the face of your brother who will mirror back to you your own innate sense of wonder at the memory of who you are."
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