How "The Sunbeam and The Wave" began:

Quoted from the author, Harriet Hamilton; " 'Harriet says The Sunbeam and the Wave is an example of how the Universe makes a pearl out of an irritation.' Visiting a friend in Florida, Harriet was upset one evening about having too many dishes to wash after the friend had cooked. 'The very least you could do is to read me something while I clean up your mess,' she recalls hissing. Her friend opened A Course In Miracles to the section entitled 'The Little Garden' and began to read. 'All of a sudden the characters came alive in my imagination and the mess in the kitchen disappeared. Three days later when I returned home, the story wrote itself.' "
The little Wave and the tiny Sunbeam are friends. They play all day together on the ocean, but when night comes the tiny Sunbeam fades away. The little Wave pouts as he wonders "Why does she always leave me? If she really cared about me, she wouldn't go. Maybe she doesn't really like me very much after all."
During the night, a lovely Moonbeam appears who tells the little Wave, "I am a reflection of the Great Light in the Nighttime Sky. Haven't you ever seen her shining? She is very beautiful, and my sisters and I are beautiful too, because we are her reflections."
After a storm, the little Wave is dashed against the rocks. "Oh, no!" he cried. "I'm going to crash into those rocks. This is the end." But it wasn't the end as the little Wave and the tiny Sunbeam learn through their adventures that ". . . the Sunbeam knew herself as a part of the Great Light and the Wave knew himself as a part of the Ocean."
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