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Now you can turn any photo into a Custom Precious Portrait, like the ones pictured below of Rogue and Leilani.  

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It's easy to add or change a background for your painting. In Lew's portrait, the barn in the background has been changed to spring blossoms, with lovely green grass added.
This is a memorial painting to Stubben, a beloved rough coated Collie.  This painting was commissioned as a gift to Stubben's guardian. We decided on three poses that encapsulated his life - the first one being when he was an older dog, the middle when he was in the prime of his life and the latter, when he was a puppy. This painting will be treasured for many years to come.
In Sandy's portrait, I put a composite of three photos together, because Sandy's guardian wanted her by the pond, showing a close-up of her, but also the back of the pond with ducks in the air and in the water. I also added fur to lengthen her coat.

Now Sandy looks like the special angel she truly is!
Sophie, a gorgeous black and tan Dachshund
Miss Kitty, a grey tabby cat, on her favorite perch
Monkey and Booger - two photos put together into one painting
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"Rogue" - reference photo
"Rogue" - finished painting
"Leilani" - finished painting
"Leilani" - reference photo
Orange tabby cat PeeWee
Mia is a beautiful Tuxedo cat
Winky is an exquisite Persian cat
Ringo is an orange tabby cat and Lucky Blue is now all grown up
Stubben is a rough coated Collie
Sandy is a cocker spaniel who loves the water
Lucky is a frisky Bichon Friese
Mini Pearl is a cute Brussels Griffon puppy
Maggie holding a purple pull toy
Lew is a horse standing among the spring blossoms
Wally is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the snow
Zoe is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppy
Roscoe is an Australian Cattle dog who loves to play with his red ring toy
Milo is a happy Jack Russell terrier with his ears blowing up in the wind at the beach
Winston is a pug puppy during the Pug Crawl in Portland, Oregon
Sophie is a St. Bernard puppy